ADA SWING: Cardano Stake Pool

Learn about Cardano Help struggling musicians during COVID-19 Stake with us!

A community stake pool for the Cardano blockchain

Ticker: SWING - Fee: 1%

Our Pool supports struggling live musicians during the pandemic/COVID-19 shutdown.

50% of our rewards during 2021 will go to help them and their families.

Staking your ADA with us helps them survive during these hard times.

As a passionate and experienced system administrator I run a stake pool in order to support the decentralization, scalability and security of the Cardano blockchain.

High availability 24/7/365 infrastructure to guarantee as close as 100% uptime as possible.

Our Pool (Block Producer and Relays) run on bare-metal servers to guarantee enough resources for the network.

About Cardano

What is ADA?

ADA is a digital currency, the native token of Cardano, named after Ada Lovelace. 1 ADA are 1000000 lovelaces.

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Delegation and Staking

Delegating your ADA is very easy from a supported wallet (Daedalus, Yoroy or Ada Lite) and gets you rewards.

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Proof of Stake & Ouroboros

The most environmental friendly and sustainable blockchain protocol

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How do I buy/sell ADA

You can buy or sell ADA for fiat or other cryptocurrencies using crypto exchanges. Visit coinmarketcap to see the exchanges that support ADA

Wallets: Daedalus & Yoroi

These are the official wallets from the Cardano project. You can stake your ADA directly and safely from them, or you can use a hardware wallet like ledger.

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Learn all about the Cardano Project

Discover the technologies that enable ADA and the Cardano blockchain.

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Stake your ADA with us!

Our Ticker: SWING

Find us in

Very low fee: 1%

Plus the minimum fixed 340ADA, we keep our fees to the minimum to sustain our pool.

Follow us on Twitter!

For announcement of latest features etc.

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