Struggling Musicians during the Pandemic/COVID-19

Why this matters

Ever since the pandemic started live music went to a complete halt and thousands of professional live musicians went jobless overnight.

Already over a year since COVID-19 stopped the world and although some activities have at least partially resumed live music has not. Cultural events have been seriously damaged, theaters with half seating or closed, live concerts aren’t happening anymore in most parts of the world…

The majority of the professional musicians that depended on their gigs to make ends meet are left empty handed.

Unemployment has skyrocketed in most sectors, but most musicians didn’t have regular contracts or unemployment benefits, so they really have nothing left. They cannot even find job as waiters or anything else.

Here at ADA SWING we are trying to help some musicians and their families to survive until life goes back, at least partially, to a normal state where they can start perfoming again and they don’t have to abandon their Art and lifestyle.

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